thurloat's thoughts

A collection of likely technical notes, opinion pieces too long for mastodon, and instance updates.

Just a quick update to pass along regarding our deployment.

The deployment has been properly Dockerized and the Nginx container is caching assets.

The container build pipeline has worked through enough times that I'm pretty confident to build and release as new features are added upstream. I still have more tweaks I'd like to make to our landing page and general templates, but I'll be holding off until pull request #131 lands so I'm not duplicating any work.

I want to ensure we don't end up in a stuck fork like Moosetodon. Following along any of our writefreely changes with the development of new upstream features must not to tie our hands behind our back like with the massive Mastodon refactors making our changes completely incompatible and needing full re-writes. On the Mastodon side, this was partially my fault for gauging the maturity of the codebase at the time our deeply integrated features were added in. We'll be playing it much safer this time around.

As well, I'm considering adding a status / development blog separate from my own for official updates for not just WriteFreely, but our other hosted services as well.

All of my initial 10 invitations appear to have been quickly gobbled up, so just let me know if you're interested in creating a writing spot here or ping me on Mastodon for an invite link.

Happy writing!

We're up in production mode. There's still some housekeeping tasks to take care of for the server, such as: – better asset caching, – automating the currently manual backups, and – customizing some of the templates to make it feel more like home.

If you want to come hang out and chat about it, you can get a hold of me on matrix:

There is an invite floating around on the Fediverse to my followers if you're looking to register an account, or you can reach out to me directly for a fresh invitation.

Look forward to seeing you all out there.